My Girlfriend Needs to Fuck Black Men

Yes. Black men. Plural.

I’ve always had this fetish when it comes to significant others. Ever since my first girlfriend, I’ve imagined her/them fucking other men. I busted so many nuts fantasizing about my first love getting destroyed by big, black cocks. Then again, hell, I used to cum to the fantasy of my first love getting fucked by her father. So.. yeah.

I can’t help it. Guess I’m just super kinky/horny and have a shithorde of fantasies.

When I first met Dana, I’ll never forget when she told me she didn’t believe in interracial mixing/marriages. Literally immediately, I was fantasizing about her getting dominated by big, fat, black cocks.

I knew her southern motivated racism was derived from her parents. They influenced that. She’s originally from the deep south. The fantasy of her rebelling against her parents’ racist wishes and getting dominated by a black man drove (drives) me insane! I knew she inherently loved big, black cock from the minute she showed me the porn she watches and I saw the interracial ones.

When we were fucking one day, I initiated conversation towards about how she’d fuck any dick I told her to. She said, “Mhm” and I said, “But you want the big, fat black ones the most” and she admitted it.

I want to get her a big, black dildo so that we can continue this fantasy.

I can’t help it. I want to fuck her sister and her cousin. I want her to get ate out and fingered by my butch, lesbian cousin. And I want her, Dana, to get dominated by a big, black cock and cum all over it.


I Fantasize About My Girlfriend Fucking Other Men

I’m not really into the cuckolding lifestyle. I don’t want to be verbally humiliated, treated like shit or anything like that. I just really, really, really want my girlfriend to get the shit fucked out of her by other men (at least in my fantasies).

I don’t know why. I’ve felt this way about past girlfriends, too. I think it’s somewhat of a validation, for others to physically¬†show that your significant other is hot enough to fuck. That’s one aspect of it. Another aspect is that I fantasize about my girlfriend being a filthy, uninhibited whore that’s obsessed with cock. Something about that is primal and wild, y’know?

My girlfriend is 5’1″ and thick — perfect for being dominated. She’s short, but she’s also thick enough to handle an absolute pounding by a big, well endowed man who’s horny for a wet, tight cunt.

I’ve told my girlfriend about this fantasy. We’ve had discussions ranging from having a threesome with my best friend to her being seduced by a customer. I say “customer”, because she works at a convenience store. I have this extreme fantasy that a man walks in one day wanting to return some canister of oil that he bought or something — let’s say that it’s third shift, way up in the night — and my girlfriend tells him that they don’t accept returns. He leaves, and she goes on about her day (night), and so she’s cleaning or something, and while she’s bent over she feels something wedge between her butt cheeks (she’s swearing tight yoga pants). When she turns around, it’s the man’s big, fat, hard cock jutting forward. She’s mesmerised. “So, how about that return?” he says. “We’ll work something out”, my girlfriend retorts as she begins sucking on his meaty phallus.

That gets me off like crazy thinking about that.

I love thinking about her being seduced and fucked hard by other men.

She went from being horrified about talking about this to having soaked panties.

She maintains that she’ll never cheat, but somewhere deep down I’m fantasizing about her coming home one day and telling me that she’s cheated on me. While I might be an emotional wreck from it, in the interim I’d likely be harder than a rock and wanting her to jack me off and tell me about it as I cum in waves!