I Want to Sniff This Girl’s Asshole Through Her Sweatpants

Call them pajama pants or whatever, but I’m taking an evening class once a week that lasts about four hours.

There’s a girl in there. Her name is Taylor. She’s 22. She’s married. And every week, she wears a pair of sweatpants to class. Typically, I think it’s trashy to dress like that, but I think she’s hot and has a super nice ass. I want to bend her over, rest my nose on the middle-back of her sweatpants and sniff her shithole through the back of them. Of course, I really want to pull them down and sniff her asshole itself, but I really, really, really want to find out what kind of musk she’s packing.

I think there’s a potential shot to be had with her. Even though she’s married, she smiles at me intently, looks at me a little longer than usual and I’ve noticed her looking me up and down. I haven’t made a move yet, because I’d like to get to know her more. I just really want to smell her asshole through the back of her sweatpants. We don’t even have to fuck. I just want to sniff her asshole and maybe oil her ass up and hotdog it (slide the shaft of my cock between her ass cheeks and hump her until I nut).

Of course, I would love to fuck Taylor’s brains out, but it would be good enough being able to take in the pungence of the dirtiest, most private part of her body.

There’s another girl with an incredible ass in there, too, who always wears yoga pants. Holy fuck. They wrap around her ass perfectly. I would love to know what she smells like.

I just love the natural scent of a woman’s asshole. I’m not into the smell of shit. I just love that musky, feminine scent. I’m an ass addict.


Some of the Women on Reddit’s GoneWild Subreddits are Morons

If you are a grown woman and show off your sexy body on GoneWild-esque NSFW subreddits, it is reasonable that you should expect men (and some women) to make lewd, crude, sexually explicit comments.

I just saw this Canadian whore post a slew of pictures. She showed her face wearing sunglasses where her big ol’ titties are rocking out. Now, MILFs aren’t my favorite, but she made me hard. I figured she was 43 years old until she mentioned the 84 in her username was a reference to 1984. Wow. She looks 10 years older than what she is.

Regardless, she still had a nice body.

I saw some guy write that she was sexy and that he’d love to bust a nut all over her face and watch the cascade of nut drip onto her titties.

Again, posting in a NSFW subreddit that is inevitably going to cause a horde of people to masturbate to you will obviously yield those comments.

I agree with him. I’d like to do the same.

She simply commented back, “Gross dude”.

What a dumbfuck. Don’t publicly post in such places on the world wide web where you will get those comments and then react negatively to them. Goddamn dumbass.

There’s a lot of reasonable women on those subreddits who actually love those comments. They post those pictures not only for the attention and compliments but also to get viewers off.

People who get mad when they pose nude and then get those comments are fucking retards. She is. Instant turnoff.

There’s another babe who posts her big, ol’ beautiful booty often. It’s a perfect ass. I would love to lick it, sniff it, smell it and inhale it, but she acts like a total prude to people who compliment her. But oh, she’s on there for the attention? You betcha. Utter dumbass.

Happy 4th.