My Buddy’s Girlfriend Wants to Fuck Me

For all this talk about how I want to watch my girlfriend fuck other men (read: black men with big dicks), it’s funny how things can be different in other ways.

I hosted a barbecue yesterday for Mother’s Day on four hours of sleep (I watched UFC 211 the night before). I smoked two pork shoulders, two chuck roasts, bacon, bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers, potatoes, country pork ribs, chicken thighs and two whole cornish hens.

My buddy Kevin brought his wife Amber over. This was my first time meeting her.

I didn’t really think much about her last night. I thought she had a nice ass. She wore a dark pair of jeans that wrapped around it nicely.

Kevin texted me that Amber loved the food and kept saying that I should open up my own restaurant.

This morning, he texted me and said that Amber wants to fuck me. He asked about my interest.

My interest? Damn, fuck, shit, yes. I would love to bend Amber over and feel her round rump clap against me. Yes, yes, yes. Come on over, Amber.


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